Tuesday, March 24, 2020

How To Make 2-Ingredient Hand Sanitizer

Due to the spread of coronavirus we’re being told to wash our hands more, preferably with soap and water, or failing that, with hand sanitizers. The resulting rush to buy hand sanitizers has led to empty shelves in supermarkets and chemists.
Homemade hand sanitizer recipes that could help protect against coronavirus. Combine in a bowl, 2/3 cups rubbing alcohol (99.9 percent isopropyl alcohol) 1/3 cup aloe vera gel Stir. Decant into a soap or pump bottle.
Give it a good shake every now and then. Aloe vera is a moisturizer that will stop your skin drying out. That’s useful, since cracks in the skin can increase the risk of bacterial infection. The main active ingredienthol (isopropanol). Most commercial hand sanitizers contain either ethanol, isopropanol, n-propanol or a combination of any two.

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