Tuesday, March 17, 2020

How to Flush Kidney Stones Naturally With Just Four Ingredients

Kidney stones are a common health problem. Passing these stones can be incredibly painful, and unfortunately, people who have experienced kidney stones are more likely to get them again.
kidney stones also known as renal stones or nephrolithiasis, kidney stones are composed of hard, solid waste materials that build up in the kidneys and form crystals. While smaller stones are usually not a problem, larger stones may cause a blockage in part of your urinary system as they leave your body. This can lead to severe pain, vomiting, and bleeding.
When it comes to kidney stone prevention, drinking plenty of fluids is generally recommended. Fluids dilute and increase the volume of the stone-forming substances in urine, which makes them less likely to crystallize.
This drink has helped so many people, to begin with, you will need the following four
2 cucumbers
Some mint leaves
1 liter of water
Natural, organic honey
Put all of the ingredients in the blender (do not peel the cucumber.) Blend until the mix appears smooth and texturized.
Water is a must-have ingredient, especially when fighting kidney stones. You should be drinking at least ten 12-ounce glasses of water per day until the stone passes. This recipe calls for a liter, which is approximately 34 ounces. Water helps dissolve the kidney stone and promotes urination – two things critical for kidney stone passage. Plenty of water will help flush out toxins and relieve the pain of kidney stones as well.
If you've had a kidney stone, you're very likely to develop another one within 5 to 10 years. Fortunately, taking certain dietary measures may help reduce this risk.
For example, you can try increasing your fluid intake, consuming foods rich in certain nutrients, eating less animal protein, and avoiding sodium.


  1. It is worth it to drink this. take it from me, I had emergency surgery to remove a stone the size of a golf ball. worst pain ever.

  2. I'm so sure this works 👌🙄
    How convenient that it tastes good!