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Amazing Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can provide benefits to your skin, hair care, can relieve stress, can boost your immune system, improve your heart health, help in kidney problems, maintain your cholesterol level, help in weight loss, regulates your blood pressure, helps in HIV and diabetes, improves your digestion and can regulate you metabolism.

Amazing Health benefits of Coconut Oil

Unique combination of nutrients.

Coconut oil contains a lot of MCFA's (medium chain fatty acids) which have powerful medicinal properties. These medium chain triglycerides go directly to the liver where they are used as a source of energy or converted in to ketone bodies which have therapeutic effects on some of the health disorders, that's why "The peoples who eat a lot of coconut products are the healthiest peoples on the planet".

Hair care

Coconut oil contains best natural nutrients to take care of your hairs. Coconut oil is used extensively in Indian sub-continent for hair care. Peoples here apply coconut oil tropically, coconut oil is an excellent conditioner, it provides better protection to hair against dandruff, lice, lice eggs and hygral damage. Coconut oil provides essential proteins required for good nourishment and regrowth of damaged hairs.

Help in Heart Health

Coconut oil is good for you heart health. It contains about 50% of lauric acid which helps to reduces bad cholesterol and high blood pressure providing support in your heart health.

Skin care

Coconut oil is used as a base ingredient in various types of skin care and anti aging products due to its strong antioxidant properties. Coconut oil is an excellent moisturizer for your skin. When applied tropically it prevents dryness and flaking without any side effects. It also delays wrinkle formations and sagging of skin and helps in anti aging solutions. It also helps in treating various skin infections like posariasis, dermititis and eczema etc.

Immunity booster

Coconut oil strengthens your immune system as it contains strong antioxidants and nutrients which have antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties. Almost 50% of coconut oil is lauric acid, your body converts lauric acid into monolaurin which research has supported as an effective way to deal with viruses and bacteria that cause diseases like herpes, influenza, cytomegalovirus, and even HIV. Coconut oil helps in fighting harmful bacteria and increases your immunity.

Helps in weight loss

Coconut oil can help you lose weight in long run. It contains medium chain triglycerides which have a different effect on your body. It increases metabolic rate of your body by increasing energy expenditure. To lose weight you have to expend more calories than you consume right. Also, the MCFA's in coconut oil can significantly reduce your appetite making you feel fuller and consume less calories.

Helps in proper digestion.

The saturated fats present in coconut oil have antimicrobial properties and help in dealing with various bacteria, fungi, and parasites that can cause indigestion. It helps to improve the digestion system by facilitating proper absorption of vitamins and minerals from food. It helps in IBS.

Helps to cure candida

Coconut oil has been shown to provide relief from candida, it relives inflammation caused by candida and helps to recover from symptoms of candida. Candida, also known as Systemic Candidiasis, is a tragic disease caused from excessive and uncontrolled growth of yeast called Candida Albicans in the stomach. This yeast is more or less present in everyone’s stomach, but it doesn’t manifest any adverse effects since its growth is controlled by the beneficial bacteria which also resides in our stomach.

Liver health

The presence of medium chain triglycerides and fatty acids helps in preventing liver diseases because those substances are easily converted into energy when they reach the liver, thus reducing the work load of the liver and also preventing accumulation of fat. Stress relief

Coconut oil is very soothing and hence it helps in removing stress. Applying coconut oil to the head, followed by a gentle massage, helps to eliminate mental fatigue.


Coconut oil helps in controlling blood sugar, and improves the secretion of insulin. It also promotes the effective utilization of blood glucose, thereby preventing and treating diabetes.


Coconut oil helps in preventing kidney and gall bladder diseases. It also helps to dissolve kidney stones.

Dental care

Believe it or not, a spoonful of coconut oil can clean your teeth more thoroughly than rushing, flossing, and gargling with antiseptic mouthwash. In addition, it will help prevent tooth decay better than fluoride, without the toxic side effects.

Just put a spoonful of coconut oil into your mouth and swish it around for a period of 15 to 20 minutes. The coconut oil is “worked” in the mouth by pushing, pulling, and sucking it through the teeth. As you work the oil, it sucks up bacteria, toxins, pus, and mucous. Don’t swallow it! When you are finished pulling, spit it into the trash. (This is called oil pulling)

HIV and cancer

It is believed that coconut oil plays an instrumental role in reducing a person’s viral susceptibility for HIV and cancer patients. Preliminary research has shown an indication of this effect of coconut oil on reducing the viral load of HIV patients.

Good for over all health

Coconut oil is often used by athletes, body builders and by those who are dieting. The reason behind this being that coconut oil contains less calories than other oils, its fat content is easily converted into energy, and it does not lead to accumulation of fat in the heart and arteries. Coconut oil helps boost energy and endurance, and generally enhances the performance of athletes.

1 in every 3 persons in the world is using coconut oil. If you haven't started yet, you can use coconut oil in many different ways like in cooking, as skin lotion, massage oil, try in smoothies and snacks. 

Where to buy

It is easily available in all grocery store all over the world. But if can't find one you can always buy online. There are 6 varieties of coconut oil that you will find on the market. These are pure coconut oil, refind coconut oil, organic coconut oil, virgin coconut oil, organic virgin oil and extra virgin coconut oil,

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  1. I think it is interesting that coconut oil can help with dental care and with weight loss. Recently I was reading that poor oral hygiene can increase diabetic risk. It would make sense that coconut oil can help with both factors, because they both affect each other. dental implants