Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Easy Self Cleaning Frigidaire Oven Instructions

Begin by reading the owner's manual. Many consumers are nervous about using the self-cleaning feature because of the extreme heat, but being informed will boost your confidence.

Clean according to your cooking habits. Frequent spillovers and splatters are best handled with frequent cleaning. Pick a time to clean when you'll be at home but out of the kitchen for a few hours -- to prevent breathing any fumes.

Many Frigidaire ovens feature a self-cleaning cycle which cleans the oven automatically. When the self-clean cycle is running, the oven's bake and broil elements simultaneously heat the oven to temperatures close to 1,000 degrees. The extreme heat turns any baked-on stains to ash that you must sweep out of the oven after the cycle is finished. I

1 Remove all pans and foil from inside the oven before you clean. Usually, you'll need to remove the racks and wash them separately. Metal racks will discolor and be harder to slide if you leave them in. Enamel-covered racks can be cleaned along with the rest of the oven.

2 Close the oven door completely. If your Frigidaire oven has a manual lock, slide the lock-bar to lock the oven's door. If it does not have a lock-bar, the oven will lock automatically.

3 Locate the "Clean" button on the oven's control panel.

4 Press the "Clean" button to begin the cleaning cycle. Once you press the button, you may need to fasten it with a lever or it may lock automatically. This prevents anyone from opening it during the cleaning cycle and being blasted by the heat.

5 Let the oven cool after the cleaning cycle. The oven will turn off automatically when the cleaning cycle is over, but you won't be able to open it until it cools down to regular baking temperatures.

6 Use a brush or paper towel to wipe out the ash created during the cleaning. The ash will usually be located on the bottom of the oven floor as well as on the racks if you left them in.

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