Saturday, August 22, 2015

Inexpensive Sources of Protein

Protein is expensive and you need a lot to be able to build muscle or sustain a healthy lifestyle. List of these foods proves just how resourceful you can be when you're on a budget. It also proves that the excuse "I can't afford to eat healthy" just doesn't cut it. Creating a meal from this list is much cheaper than buying a ready meal or a takeaway. I use all of these and amazing how resourceful you can be when you're on a budget.

Peanut Butter

Who doesn’t like peanut butter? It tastes great, but be careful not to eat too much. You could go through a jar in no time. Stick to all natural peanut butter. The ingredients should say peanuts and possibly salt, but that’s it. I like to throw a tablespoon or two into my oatmeal and milk and then mix it with some frozen blueberries, honey, and cinnamon. It’s a tasty meal that’s easy to make.

Whey Protein

Whey protein powder is likely the cheapest way to get protein without adding any extra calories from carbs or fat. Whey can be added to many things including smoothies and protein pancakes. The possibilities are endless.


Eggs are one of the most nutritionally packed foods out there. Unfortunately, many people get scared off from eating them because of their cholesterol content. The good news is that dietary cholesterol intake does not directly influence blood cholesterol levels. So eat up – yolk and all.


Milk took the #1 spot for the cheapest protein source. It is a combination of whey and casein protein (fast and slow digesting). For those on a tight budget who are not lactose intolerant, milk is a great way to get in extra protein.


Beans are the vegetarian’s choice for cheap protein. They are packed with fiber and protein, and they are low glycemic – which will keep insulin levels under control so that fat can be mobilized and burned. Try mixing some garbanzo beans with olive oil and spices for a healthy hummus snack. If you’re willing to try something new, I’m a huge fan of this cookie dough dip made with garbanzo beans.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt contains bacteria called acidophillus. These living bacteria have many benefits, including the health of the digestive tract. Try mixing some frozen blueberries into your yogurt for a high protein snack. Greek yogurt can also be used in place of sour cream in just about any recipe. This can help lower the calorie content and boost the protein.


Frozen chicken tends to be cheaper than its fresh counterpart, but if you look hard enough, you can find fresh chicken for nearly the same price when it’s on sale. Buy it in bulk and freeze it yourself for an even bigger discount.

Ground Beef

This is the high fat stuff – 20% fat 80% lean. Although if the lean ground beef goes on sale, you can get it for the same price as the high fat stuff. Have no fear though, rinse your beef, and you could remove up to 50% of the fat content.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is a popular snack/meal for people to eat right before bed. It contains casein protein, which is a slow digesting protein for a long night’s sleep. Need a snack idea? Try adding some cinnamon to cottage cheese and use it as a dip for some sliced apples.

Canned Tuna

Any college kid trying to scrape by has probably eaten canned tuna before. The meats don’t get much cheaper or more convenient than this. Throw a can on top of a salad for a quick, cheap, protein rich meal.


I know what you’re thinking, but it’s good as a side. So if you want a good, low GL side to go with your meat, try quinoa. It’s about 14% protein.

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